A Letter to my Future Wife – Why we don’t need more children

Dear Christine,


I would like to take this opportunity to address your recent blog post regarding the possibility of having a fourth child.


First let me state that I love you and the girls incredibly but this has to stop. Let me start by addressing a few points that I think should change your mind.


1.     My blog is called “raising3daughters” not “raising4children”. Now I say children because if it so happened that we had a fourth child, it would have to be a boy. No God would be that cruel and make me the father to four daughters.


2.     At our last ultrasound with Miss 0.5, the sonographer told us the odds of having a boy, 17%!!. If you wonder why I don’t want to have another girl, please refer to my next point.


3.    In your recent post, you talk about the average cost of weddings being $45,000. Now, if we assume that the economy continues to grow at 3%, in 25 years that would equal approximately $79,000. Now if we multiply that number by 4, $316,000!!!! However if we stick with the 3 we have now, it brings the price down to approximately $237,000. Bearable I guess, better keep working on that passive income stream!


4.    This is a direct quote from your latest post, “I HATE being pregnant”. Do I need to say more? I won’t mention the complaining!


5.    I DO NOT want to drive a Honda Odyssey. As much as our best friend would love to see us buy one, I have no intention of buying a family wagon.


6.    Four school lunches to pack, four uniforms to wash, four pairs of school shoes to buy and four teenage girls to deal with while I deploy.


7.    Think of your sanity! Between, Jake and the Neverland pirates, Pepper Pig, In the night garden and Dora the Explorer we struggle to keep our sanity now. Imagine having to go around the bouy and do it all again with another child!


8.    I’ll make this my final point because I don’t think I need to say more. If we were to have another child, imagine the lack of space left for us in our bed on those early Sunday mornings, it’s already cramped in that cheap king sized bunk beds!


Now surely you’ve seen some logic in my arguments and we can put this discussion to rest.


I love you.


Your future husband.