Welcome to Raising3daughters.com an Australian Dad blog focused on sharing my stories with other dads around the world.

My name is James and 2 years ago I became a father for the first time.

Since then my partner (who had a daughter of her own) and I have been raising our girls to the best of our abilities and this year we welcomed our third daughter into the world. Now I was a mid 20’s father of three daughters.

I am a member of the Australian Defence Force and have spent a number of years of my life in the military and love the lifestyle it provides.

I started this blog to connect to dads around the world who like me are trying to be the best they can be for their kids, not only daughters. I am trying my best to raise my daughters whilst along the way striving to be the best I can in my chosen career path.

I am going to try and cover a range of topics on this blog, including;

– Dealing with deployments,

– Healthy habits for kids,

– Issues we face as military fathers, and,

– General parenting issues as well as being a good father.