An Australian Dad Blogger’s Day Dream List

Since Christmas, I’ve been really lucky to spend a lot of time at home. An incredibly welcomed change for my family in comparison to spending a lot of time working away from home. But one problem I’ve been facing lately is that I tend to day dream a bit. Whether it be about things I want to do or things I want to buy in the future. My wife is getting sick of it and often tells me to just stick to doing a couple of things and not get ahead of myself. Today, whilst day dreaming I thought, why not put a dream list down in a blog post so that at some point in the future I could look back on it and either laugh at myself or kick myself for not working hard enough towards it? So without further ado, here is ‘an Australian Dad Blogger’s day dream list’.

A Car.

A picture of the Jaguar XJ premium

The Jaguar XJ Premium model

I recently wrote a few posts about buying a new car and financing a new car but this is a dream, not sensibility. Before the other day, I had never really taken much interest in the Jaguar range, until I saw this bad boy.

Now I am not a man for a sports car, I’d prefer luxurious car, but when I drove past this car, it took my breath away. It screams luxury and coming in at over $210,000, you would expect nothing less.

A picture of the new 2014 Ford F250. An Aussie Daddy Bloggers dream car

The 2014 Ford F250

If you twisted my arm and forced me to choose another car (truck), give me an F250 any day! Why you ask? Why the hell not?! It’s big, unique and not many people in Australia have them! Either way, I won’t own either of these cars for a long long time.

A New Computer.

Attainable? Yes but can I afford it right now? No. I don’t want your regular run of the mill off the shelf computer. Oh no, I want a tricked out computer loaded full of software, maxed out with RAM and loaded with the best graphics card known to man kind. Again, why you ask? Because I can! Anyway, this is my party and I’ll dream if I want to! Before you pay at the checkout on Amazon, don’t forget to add this to your cart for me..

A Camera.

I don’t know what it is about filming but I have always wanted to be able to make a film that some one wants to watch (other than my family). So in my day dream, I own one of these, maybe even two for sh*ts and giggles.

Canon EOS-1D – Daddy’s day dreaming camera


Sure, I can just have a basic entry level camera but what is the point of dreaming if I don’t have the best. Don’t forget to add all the best accessories to accompany it! So in my dream, I want everything that I need to make a great short film. I don’t even know what I want to film yet, just that I enjoy doing it and would love to give it the good ol’ college try!

A House.

This is probably the first thing on most peoples dream list. For my dream house I’d like a big porch wrapped all around it and it to be on some decent land so when I feel like sitting outside naked, I can without being arrested.

An online career.

This is certainly attainable but in my dream, I am already incredibly successful online. Why? Having spent a fair bit of time at home recently, I know that I miss out on a fair bit when I am working away from home. My wife will probably say that working from home is a bad idea for me because the kids tend to gee me up when I am trying to work on the computer now. I’ll admit it, they do. But I’ve managed to work out a time when I can be on the computer and get some work done. Mainly at night when they are in bunk beds.

A full head of hair.

Comedian Rhys Darby

Are you a punk rocker? No just a stegosaurus..

Thanks Dad. This one is pretty self explanatory. I want to bring back the grass on these car parks and have a head full of luscious locks! Not only would I be the complete package but I could also save on sunscreen as I don’t need to lather my forehead in the stuff.

There you have it folks, a few things that I have been dreaming about lately. Sure, I could dream about having a billion dollars but where is the fun in having cash money? Want to buy any of this for me? I also accept donations if you pity me enough!

What have you been dreaming about? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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