Back to School

Back to school post

I am a little excited for this year when 2 of my three daughters head to school. What excites me more is saving money! So I am on the look out for some great back to school savings!

This year my “wonderful” almost three year old will be heading to three year old Kindy. I am really excited for her to start learning as she is a really smart kid (sometimes to smart for her own good!).

Miss 7 will be heading back to her new school that she started last year, Saint John the Apostle here in Canberra. We recently changed from being a public school family to a private school family but that is a whole other post, one that will be extremely long!

Not only are two of our daughters heading back to school but so am I! That’s right kids, Daddy is heading back to school as well. I’ll be heading to university full time for the next three years to read for my Bachelors degree.

But wait there’s more!

Christine is also heading back to school! I can just picture it now, massive homework sessions at the cheap vanity table! So out of the 5 people in our household, 4 will be students this year! So with 4 students in our household, our stationery bill is going to be through the roof. I’ve been looking through the back to school specials and one of them caught my eye, eBay’s up to 50% off Back to School sale! Also check the reviews on best folding picnic table, which is very portable and can be used for picnic, meal and coffee.

I’m not a huge eBay shopper, apart from a few things that I can’t find anywhere else, but with 108 ball point pens for only $19.49, who can refuse that! That spells bargain in any language!

Some other great savings I found on eBay:

– Faber Castell 48 classic pencils only $22.39 (Free postage) Save $7.60!

– Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet only $519 (Free postage) Save $410!

– ROC Leather Shoes only $74.90 (Free postage) Save $25.05

So as you can see there are some deals to be had in some unconventional places when purchasing your back to school supplies!

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Got any money saving tips when buying back to school supplies? Please share them below in the comments section!