Why I blog with Mike from twindadtalks.com

Each week I’ll be bringing you an interview from a different Dad Blogger from around the planet. The idea behind the ‘Why I blog’ series is each week a fellow blogger can share tips and some motivation about what drives them to blog.

Kicking off the series is Mike from twindadtalks.com here’s a little about Mike before we get started.

Mike with his girls. Find him at twindadtalks.com

I am a middle school assistant principal and father of twin toddler girls.  I have contributed to The Good Men Project and Grown Ups Magazine and have articles pending in TWINS magazine and Multiplicity Magazine.  I have authored an e-book entitled: “Twin Dad Talks: Help for First-Time Fathers Navigating Pregnancy” and am starting a Twitter chat for twin parents called #TwinsChat on Monday evenings.

I’ve been married for over seven years to my wife, Holly, who also has a blog called “When Two Became Four: The Adventures of Twin Girls”.  I enjoy blogging about my family, specifically, raising twins.  I also talk about other stuff that may be relevant in the news or in my head, but the focal point is family blogging about raising children.

Mike, how long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for five months now.  I started my blog in late July after I saw how much fun my wife had with it (hers is over a year old now) and went “public” with it on August 2.

How (i.e a friend showed you how) and why did you start your blog?

My wife’s blog is through Blogger, so I knew it wasn’t hard to begin.  I started blogging because I needed a hobby and golf was too expensive.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and people I know tend to find me funny.  I’m also quite sarcastic at times, so I thought the combination would go well in a blogging atmosphere that is not deeply saturated yet.  Daddy bloggers are not a huge community yet, but they are growing.  In addition, I felt as though I could approach it from an interesting angle because there are not a lot of dads with blogs who also have twins and are school administrators.  I felt as though I could give interesting views on topics in my family and about education.  However, I don’t write much about education, because that’s what I do and I try to separate myself from that when I’m at home.

Have you learnt anything specific from blogging? 

I’ve learned that someone that writes really good content can go a while and not get a lot of pageviews.  I’m not saying that my content is awesome, but I know I’ve written a couple of decent posts that if exposed to the right communities, it could get a lot of views.  I’ve also learned that being active on social media is pretty much everything.  Before blogging, I had less than 10 followers on Twitter, now I have 1500.  But, I’ve spent a lot of time following other people and recently, joining in some Twitter chats to get my name out there.  Ideally, I’d like to tell you that I just do it as a hobby to document my thoughts, but realistically, I want people to read what I write.  That’s why I’ve put myself out there for writing for online publications.  I enjoy doing it, but it can get time consuming, and if you’re not getting paid for it (I’m definitely not), you start to wonder what the point is.

List 2 benefits you can see from starting a blog?

1. You have something that your kids can look back on.  They don’t have to ask you all the time, they can read your blog and know your thoughts when the situation happened.  When they ask you about family pictures 15 years from now, you tend to forget some things about it, but if you keep a blog and update it frequently, it’s kind of like keeping a piece of history.

2. If you have interests in freelance writing or something on a bigger scale, it’s a place to start.

Do you have any specific tools that you use for blogging? i.e. plugins?

I use the Twitter buttons like “follow” and Tweet the post, but I had my blog design customized by someone on Etsy.  I highly recommend if you are serious about blogging and want it to look nice to have someone do it for you…I know very little HTML and would have a really hard time trying to do any of it myself.  The free themes you can find are good to get started, but ultimately, you want it to look unique to anything else.  I also purchased my domain name through GoDaddy.com and got a huge discount, I think I purchased www.twindadtalks.com for $3.00.

Where can readers find your blog and how can they get in contact with you?

My blog can be found at www.twindadtalks.com, and I am on Twitter at @TwinDadTalks.  I also have a Facebook page for my blog Twin Dad Talks and have started an account on Pinterest (mgcrider).  I love connecting with new people and want to join conversations with other parents on what their joys and frustrations are in parenting.  I’m also trying to start a Twitter chat for parents of twins, since I have not seen one on Twitter.

I also enjoy taking the opportunity to do interviews like this, and I’m very appreciative of the opportunity.  I’m honored that people read my material and like it, and I just want to be able to enhance my writing and submit material that people enjoy reading.  Thanks James, for allowing me to be a part of this interview!

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One of the best Australian Dad Blogs, sharing stories of my trials and tribulations of raising girls in Australia.

Source of image is http://unsplash.s3.amazonaws.com/batch%2010/camera-man.jpg

Pursue excellence. [source= unsplash]

 For the longest time I’ve been searching for one of my passions that I could develop into a business venture. I believe that to be successful you need to be passionate but I don’t have a clue which passion to pursue.

Leadership, motivation, family and the internet (everything on the internet is GREAT), these are a few of my favourite things. For the longest time I’ve been looking for additional projects for my spare time and something that my partner and I can both work on together. But I’ve been on struggle street for ideas on what I/we can do.

I listen to a lot of podcasts to try and help get my creative juices flowing. The Smart Passive Income podcast is one of my favourites. Pat Flynn is an inspiration to thousands of people around the globe. To me, he inspires me to set up a diversified, valuable business that provides benefit to others. I want to better the world, one person at a time.

That is why I started this blog. Not to make money, not to become famous but I thought if I could some how better someone’s life, somewhere, then I would have achieved my mission. Sharing my stories about parenting and being a father is incredibly rewarding and it has led me to meet some great people right around the world.

In particular, the blokes from the group of Australian Dad Bloggers. I originally approached the group in the hope of writing a guest post but what I got was a group of blokes who I can bounce any idea off and blokes who help me better my writing. These blokes are helping me figure out what my passion is and hopefully you’ll be able to see that in my writing in the future, but I’d like to take a minute to shout out to these great guys;

Aussie Daddy Bloggers http://www.daddybloggers.com.au
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3AM Dad http://3amdad.tumblr.com/
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Tork’s Blog http://torkona.blogspot.com.au/
TackleNappy http://www.tacklenappy.com
Reservoir Dad http://www.reservoirdad.com
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Memoirs Of The Mind http://www.memoirsofthemind.com

If you are looking for great stories and posts, have a read of these blogs. Make sure you share this post as much as you can to give love to all these great dads.

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Starting a blog – Why I started writing about being a dad

Why don’t you start a blog about being a dad

Was the suggestion from my partner who had been blogging about her experiences as a mother to 3 daughters. I’d been struggling to find content for my first blog where I was writing about social media and content marketing. It is a highly competitive field and I am by no means an expert, so starting a daddy blog was a great step for me to better my blogging skills and meet new people online.

If you’re new in blogging, you should use this theme – Enfold WordPress Theme – The best theme I know. I also use it when start the first blog!

I originally started this blog to just better my writing skills, meet new people and as a hobby but since then I have developed an idea of where I want to lead this blog. From talking about changing crappy nappies and dealing with tantrums, I want to use this blog to help encourage other dads around the world to share their stories of parenthood. Not just the good times of being a dad but also the sh*t times and to let others know that they are not alone on struggle street.

Most of my friends that I have grown up with are yet to venture down the path of parenthood, so naturally I felt like the odd one out when talking about parenting or being a dad. Starting this blog has provided me the gateway to discuss my trials and tribulations that is being a dad and reading others stories along the way has certainly helped.

I’m not trying to say that my way of parenting is better than anyone else’s or vice versa but merely looking for an outlet of my frustration as well as my triumphs as a parent. I enjoy expressing my views and I equally enjoy reading others opinions on similar issues that we face as parents. That is why I feel that any fathers who are some what inclined, should start their own dad blog.

It provides an outlet for your creativity to flow, for your inner writer to express feelings that you probably couldn’t normally. You don’t have to make your blog public like this one but by writing it can help you express your thoughts in a way that you probably haven’t previously. Sharing experiences and learning from others is what it is all about and I encourage you to share your story.

That is why I blog and it is why I will continue to blog about parenthood. I recently asked a new friend, Johnathan Ervine from Dad’s the way I like it why he blogged about fatherhood. He was kind enough to write an entire post on it and it’s a brilliant piece of writing. Johnathan like me was simply looking to get involved in the dad blogging community and contribute to the conversation and by all accounts he has benefited from it to no end.

I want to hear from you, why you blog or why you don’t blog. If you need help starting a blog, ask! There are a number of great dad bloggers out there who are willing to lend a hand and I am more than happy to help anyone out.

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