We made it to one year and pissing off my wife

Typically, I piss my wife off once a week. Nothing new there but I thought that it would be a while after our first wedding anniversary before I pissed her off again. Nope. It took just 3 days.

We’d been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. We had foregone a massive honeymoon after our wedding due to work and the proximity to Christmas so we thought that we would go all out for this particular occasion.

We booked a package through Sydney Seaplanes that would fly us to a resort for a night, dinner and breakfast included and then back to Sydney where we would have a night at the Four Seasons. Sounded awesome, sounded expensive but it was totally worth it. (Also check my friend’s reviews on best foldable picnic table, which can be used for dinner, picnic and coffee for big family). 

In addition to all of that, we squeezed in time to get tattooed, see Cirque Du Soleil and visit China Town for possibly the best chinese food of our lives.

None of that pissed my wife off, not the constant videoing of what we were doing with my new Sony actioncam, not my complaining of lack of Wi-Fi in the hotel room, no. It was something else.

I want the new iPhone 6 Plus.

Christine recently got sent the offer from her phone provider and having utilised my upgrade for her, I jumped at the opportunity. My impatience and constant checking which resulted in me ordered her the wrong phone plan pushed her over the edge.

Well done James, you’ve pissed her off again.

Moral of the story, don’t assume you know what your wife wants because she doesn’t want that one. Apparently, I’m a pro at pissing off my wife.

Max Brenner Belconnen

What do you do when you need to go to Coles after dinner?

Take the whole family to Max Brenner in Belconnen and fill them full of chocolate of course!

The family at Max Brenner

Now I hear you saying, why so silly James? I know, I know, but we thought it was time for a treat with our girls. So we loaded on up and headed out to the shops and up to Max Brenner for a spot of dessert.


cookie masterpiece At 7:22 pm I ordered a toffee choctail, two make your own cookies and waffle sundae. I reckon there was 5 tables and 4 staff members on and yet we had to wait over 30 minutes to receive our order! For a long time, the make your own cookies were sitting on the serving bench with the drink waiting for the sundae to be finished.

After a while (yeah I’m that guy), I went to the bench and asked if the kids can have their dessert. You know how kids get, the excitement overcomes them and we struggle to keep them under control.

Finally, old mate brings the cookies and drink, slaps them willy nilly on the table, not in front of the kids who were waiting for them and storms off. Shortly after, a repeat when it comes to the sundae, she slapped it on the table love and ran off. (Also check check the reviews on best folding picnic table)

kids and their cookiesTo say I was pissed off would be an accurate assumption.

Struggling to contain my temper, the manager must have picked up on the vibes. He came over, apologised profusely about the wait and the staff then he offered some extra decorations (more chocolate) for the kids cookies.

Well played Sir. tahnee cookie

The sundae, my choice of dessert was delicious. Banana, waffle, caramel, chocolate and some nut like chocolate balls. It was rich and sickly but delicious at the same time.

What would I give Max Brennen in Belconnen out of 3 sugar high kids? If the manager hadn’t of taken the time out of his day to apologise and offer some compensation? I’d give them a 1 out of 3 sugar high kids but the fact that he cared and apologised, I’ll give them a 2 out of 3.

Would I go back? Expensive, long waits and with impolite staff members, I don’t think I would go out of my way.



“I’d like to interview you for the blog” Elias said as he was talking about his newest venture, CBR Foodie. In this blog he is interviewing local bloggers in Canberra about where to find the best dishes under $15!

My choice, HA HA Bar in Belconnen.

Full disclosure, my wife works at HAHA Bar and she has been raving on about how good the food is for a while now so I thought I would use this opportunity to give it a go. But don’t think I will go easy on them just because she works there!

First off, the venue. HAHA Bar is located on Lake Ginninderra giving the outdoor area a nice atmosphere on a warmer day. Inside, there is an “artsy” theme with lots of custom paintings and designs. Word has it that a designer was flown in from New Zealand to do the work. The venue is small though, which makes it a little hard if you were going to bring in a pram for your kids. Also the lack of high chairs means that the little ones will need to sit on your lap or leave them at home.

This morning we took all of our kids, combined made 8 and the staff at HAHA were more than accommodating. There is no kids menu but we asked if pancakes could be arranged and the kitchen again was kind enough to accommodate our requests. The kids enjoyed the pancakes, a large single pancake with fresh fruit and cream on the side.

Haha Bar new breakfast menu

Haha Bar new breakfast menu

HAHA Bar recently launched a new breakfast menu and it didn’t disappoint. I tried the Goats Cheese Breaky Pizza.

Goat Cheese Breaky Pizza

Goat Cheese Breaky Pizza

It was delicious. The egg in the middle was cooked perfectly and it filled me up which in my books is considered a win! My guests had the following.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict


big breaky

The food coming out the kitchen looked great and it was backed up by these wonderful dishes. HAHA boasts a wide variety of freshly made ‘mocktails’ as well as beautiful juice to accompany your breakfast. However, I needed a coffee.

Coffee Art from HAHA Bar

Coffee Art from HAHA Bar

The coffee was so delicious I had two in the space of 30 minutes!

All in all, HAHA Bar puts on a nice spread for breakfast. Would I eat there again? Sure, I am eager to try the new dinner and lunch menus.

You can follow HAHA Bar on Facebook or on Twitter for updates.

4 course tapas meal for $62 | Siren Bar and Restaurant

I’ve had a really busy week! Let me tell you about it!

Between running social media coaching sessions, meeting with businesses about hosting events and catching up with new friends, it was great to be able to have lunch with Christine.

Arancini Balls from Siren Bar and Restaurant.

Arancini Balls from Siren Bar and Restaurant.

One problem we have found since arriving in Canberra is that a lot of restaurants don’t have high chairs. Not too much of an issue because we can bring a pram, but some places are tiny so a pram just gets in the way.

However, in our search we had heard that Siren Bar and Restaurant in Gungahlin had high chairs and did Tapas, our favourite kind of food. So today we took the rare opportunity to have lunch with only one of our three daughters.

Located on the corner of Gozzard St and Anthony Rolfe Ave, Siren’s has a large open plan dinning area with a large outdoor alfresco area for those Sunday sessions. If they were busy, parking would be at a premium so if you are planning on having a big night, maybe take a cab.

Today Siren’s wasn’t extremely busy. There were a few people enjoying a snack and a drink but we were the only people in the restaurant. Promptly seated and our order was taken, drinks were brought out and before you knew it, here was the Tapas.

We ordered;

Soft Shell Crab $16.90

Arancini Balls (Chorizo and Goats fetta) $14.90

Braised Pork Belly $14.90

Cajun Calamari $14.90

(You can see the full menu here)

The highlight for me (besides the impressive range of premium wines) was the soft shell crab! Large pieces of soft juicy crab meat with a light tempura batter which was then drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. It was delicious to say the least.

The Pork belly came out, crackle off and cold. I’ve never experience pork belly this way before and I wouldn’t say it is the best way to have your pork belly. Arancini balls were delicious with the Goats fetta providing a nice dressing to the Chorizo. Calamari was nice when accompanied with the Cajun dressing however there was a little too much parmesan cheese on a few pieces which spoilt the freshness of the squid.

As I briefly mentioned, Siren’s boasts an impressive wine collection which is on display just as you enter the dining area. With the most expensive bottle topping out at $470 a bottle (Jim Barry ‘The Armagh’ 2006 – Shiraz* Clare Valley S.A), you may want to opt for a cheaper selection such as the Katnook Founders Block – Cabernet Sauvignon coming in at $37 a bottle. soft shell crab from Siren Bar and Restaurant

The venue itself is impressive. Clean and modern, it would be great for an informal get together or like I said, a Sunday session in the Alfresco area. The bar has a great selection of beer and stocks most of the James Squires range.

All in all, Siren put on a decent feed for my wife and I although it wasn’t the best Tapas I have ever eaten. If I was scoring them purely on speed of service, they would receive a 10 but taking into account all aspects of the meal, I’ll give them a 6 out of 10.

To find out more about Siren Bar and Restaurant, you can visit their website here.