Get off your phones (my goal for 2015)


I am the worst for this. I admit it.

As I looked around the park this morning, 6 out of 7 parents were on a smart device.

Like I said in the first line, I’m pretty bad for this but today I made an effort to keep my phone in my pocket except for snapping a pic or two.

We’re not the most active family, I blame that on both the wife and I working full time, the fact we have a one year old that goes to bed at 18:30 every night and also, when I do take my kids out, they never bloody listen to me and I end up coming home pissed off.

But today, I’m making a promise.

A promise to my kids that this coming year, I am going to make more of an effort to be present when we’re at home and at the park.

Being present in their lives is one of my goals in life. I’m trying to start an online business so that I can spend more time with them however in the process, I’m spending less time with them.

What’s the answer?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t however, I do know this, moving forward, I’m making a goal to be on my smart device less when the kids are awake. I’m making an effort to get them outside every day for at least 60 minutes of play. I’m going to cook healthier meals, tastier meals that makes them want to eat better and finally, I’ll keep taking them to the gym with me. Taking them to the gym, they see me working out, being healthy and as a role model to them, that’s something I need to keep doing.

So screw new years resolutions, nobody sticks to them anyway.

This is my parenting goal for 2015, what’s yours?

Nutrition and Cholesterol

Recently, I was asked to write a post about “why cholesterol is bad“. The fact of the matter is,

I don’t know why.

So when I sat down to write this post, I did some research.

I clearly remember a while ago, that cholesterol was the shunned child of the nutrition world. “Don’t eat too many eggs” I remember hearing, “it’s bad for your cholesterol”.

Why? Yes, I’m a why child.

According to the Better Health Channel, cholesterol is a type of fat that is essential for many metabolic processes. So why was it so widely preached that you shouldn’t eat too much foods that contained cholesterol? Surely anyone with a little common sense understands that everything in moderation is okay?

But to tell you the truth, I’m terrible when it comes to nutrition.

I understand the basic concepts, calories, protein, carbs and fats but as those of you who are parents would know, sometimes you just don’t have the time to cooked an incredibly healthy meal.

You know how it goes. After a long day of work you finally make it home just in time to see your wife for five minutes before she’s out the door to work. You don’t have time to take your shoes off let alone make a meal incorporating the five food groups.

However, we do have to be the role model for our kids. They’ll do what we do and if they see that it is okay to order take out, that’s a habit they’ll keep.

That reminds me, stop ordering pizza.

Back to why cholesterol is bad. Well turns out, it’s not all bad just when you have too much of it. Here’s what the Better Health Channel has to say about effects of high cholesterol.


I am a firm believer in “everything in moderation”. Sounds like cholesterol falls into that category as well.

Do you and your family have a big emphasis on nutrition? How do you handle the busy schedules and planning a healthy meal? Leave you tips here and I’ll write a post with the best of them.

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Search for the best cake in Canberra

I’m looking for the best cakes in Canberra.

This morning we went to Ricardo’s Cafe in Jamison. This is what we ate

The Opera, Magnum and macaroons (Strawberry and Chocolate).

The Opera, Magnum and macaroons (Strawberry and Chocolate).

The Opera as quoted from their website is “Made with layers of almond sponge soaked in coffee, layered ganache, coffee butter cream & covered in chocolate glaze”. I score it a 8/10. This coffee was subtle and yet provided that boost to the flavour that left you wanting more.

The Magnum, a “Vanilla bean mousse, salted caramel center coated in almonds dipped in chocolate sprayed in gold” was to die for. I give it a 9/10. This mousse was light and fluffy and complemented the chocolate perfectly.

The best part about Ricardo’s, you can order online!!

Head to Ricardo’s site to place your order and make sure you send me some!