Family Traditions

Fathers day, kids, daddy blogger,

Fathers day, kids, daddy blogger,

Watching movies on the couch!

Recently my Fiancé and I started a couple of new family traditions. We felt it was important to start some meaningful activities noting how much time I’ve been absent from our daughters lives. 

We are a really close family, from my grandparents down to my daughters. Having recently moved to Canberra from WA, where we left the majority of our family, we’ve begun to value the time that we spend together that little bit more. We have our traditions, birthday’s and other special days, but as an immediate family we are yet to establish those special times together.

I was lucky enough to get some time off work to get home for fathers day this year. Saturday night I put on a movie, we all brought out our blankets and sat on the floor and watched movies and ate popcorn. To me, life was perfect. We had each other, I didn’t have to be thinking about work, the kids were happy and we had popcorn (my vice).

This got my fiance and I talking about starting some family traditions, Sunday dinners, movies nights and even dad dates. My career as a military officer means I spend a large amount of time away from my family which also means I treasure those weekends at home just that little bit more. Time away is hard, even a few days, but it is important to have traditions that we can all get together and take part.

If you Google family traditions, there are pages on pages about starting traditions, from Saturday mornings in wooden bunk beds to a birthday hat. Family traditions don’t have to be extreme but it’s important to have something that you all do together, especially in today’s fast paced society.

Sure my 6 month old daughter probably won’t remember starting these traditions, but we’ll keep them going whilst they grow up and hopefully one day I’ll do the same with my grand kids. So what are you waiting for? go and start a new tradition today!

I want to hear about your traditions. Let me know in the comment section below.