Healthy Snacks for Kids – Apple Chips

Quick healthy snacks for our kids is always at the forefront of any parents mind. How can I give them something that is nutritious as well as tasty. Today I’ll share with you a little trick that gets my kids eating fruit like its going out of fashion.

Healthy kids snacks, healthy food for kids

A sharp knife, apple and chopping board

What you’ll need

  • Chopping board,
  • Sharp knife,
  • An apple, and,
  • Not so Masterchef knife skills.


  • An apple corer.

My kids like fruit, sometimes but they like chips better so I was thinking of a way that I could get them to eat more fruit. Now I am not claiming that I made this up I am actually pretty sure I saw it somewhere and thought I would give it a go and it was a hit.

Healthy kids snacks, Healthy snacks for kids

Step 1 – Quarter the apple and remove the core

Step 1 –

Quarter your apple up and remove the core if you haven’t used a corer.

Step 2-

Slice the quarters thinly. This will determine the thickness of your apple chips or fries if you will.

Healthy food for kids, Healthy eating for kids

Step 2 – Slice the quarters thinly

Step 3-

This is where those not so Masterchef skills come into the mix. Slice the apple thins into chip like shapes and it will look something like this.

Healthy food guide, healthy meals for kids

Step 3 – Slice the apple thins into chips

Finished product

There you have it, Apple chips. My kids love these for a healthy quick snack for either after school or on the weekend.

Kids snacks, healthy option snacks for kids

A quick healthy option for kids snacks

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