It’s about making time – Operation Move

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I recently wrote a guest post about making time for fitness and I was lucky enough to have this posted by Kate from Operation MOVE.

Kate established Operation MOVE originally on her own blog, Kate says stuff. However, after it gained some interest she decided it was time to build a community around this concept and since then Operation MOVE has been going from strength to strength.

What is Operation Move?

Operation Move is a way to challenge yourself to get moving, in a supportive and motivating environment.

Featured on Operation MOVE are several categories designed to inspire, encourage and motivate you to increase your fitness. Alongside these topics, there is a forum that allows users to connect with each other through common goals such as, completing a half marathon, completing a full marathon and triathlon training.

Kate is extremely proud that after last count, Operation MOVE members had logged over 1,000 minutes of training together. You can join Operation MOVE for free and even join the group on Strava to compete against and motivate other members.

You can read my guest post on Operation MOVE here.