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Kitten Glo-Wash review

20140702_112209Kitten Glo-Wash

Full disclosure, I’m not the cleanest of people.

With three kids and both my wife and I work full time, the house is always a mess, the washing is piled up and the car is always full of kids crap.

Know the feeling?

Well I was contacted by Kitten Glo-Wash and asked to review their products. I thought, “hey, maybe this will give me the motivation to get my ass outside and clean the car”.

I then realised it was winter here in Canberra and it’s not often the temperature gets above freezing. Instead, I opted for a spot clean to show the improvements that Kitten made to my dirty car.

The product is actually pretty good. I’m not the biggest car cleaner but this product is something that I would consider buying in the future. What impressed me the most however, was that Kitten Glo-Wash doesn’t contain any salt like regular car detergents.

Apparently this causes corrosion of your car?

The bottle tells me that I should be washing once a week. Well, I can tell you now that it won’t be happening because I just don’t have the time! But if you’re a car fan and like to look after it more so than I do, Kitten Glo-Wash is a decent product worth considering. >> Also check other reviews on my friend’s blog: outdoor cat house & shelter reviews