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A letter to my health

Dear Health,

I’m sorry.

I know I’ve been showing you little attention of late it’s just, I’ve had lots running through my head.

Between studying at university, running an up and coming business, playing with the kids and trying to spend time with my wife, you’re not the only thing that has suffered.

But I promise, things will be different this time.

We had a good run last year. For six months, you were the main focus of my attention. You kept me focused and operating at peak performance but I wonder if that was because you knew I was getting married?

Yes it’s true, we were close leading up to my wedding and I don’t want you to think that just because there is someone else in my life that you’re all alone.

The truth is, I miss you. I miss the delicious food that we shared, the sweaty sessions in the gym and most importantly the looks. Yes health, since our hiatus I’ve put on some kilos. My pants are tighter and my face is fatter.

I miss you but things are going to change!


You have my word that from today, no more burgers for lunch (except on cheat days), no more Pepsi Max just because, no more ordering pizza at 10 o’clock at night because I’m hungry, no more 3 toasted sandwiches because I skipped breakfast and no more drinking half a carton of beer because I’m lonely.

But can I still enjoy a glass of wine?

But I want a promise from you too Health. I want you to promise me that you’ll make me run more, sleep more and eat less. I know that’s a two way street but at 5 am when my alarm goes off, make me get up and don’t let me convince you that sleep is better.

Let’s rising pet(s)!

Taking care of pets is an effective way to relax. I adopt 1 cat, 2 rabbits and keep them in a very large outdoor rabbit hutch – looks like a villas for pets.

We can do it health.

It starts today!

It’s about making time – Operation Move

Join Operation MOVE today.

I recently wrote a guest post about making time for fitness and I was lucky enough to have this posted by Kate from Operation MOVE.

Kate established Operation MOVE originally on her own blog, Kate says stuff. However, after it gained some interest she decided it was time to build a community around this concept and since then Operation MOVE has been going from strength to strength.

What is Operation Move?

Operation Move is a way to challenge yourself to get moving, in a supportive and motivating environment.

Featured on Operation MOVE are several categories designed to inspire, encourage and motivate you to increase your fitness. Alongside these topics, there is a forum that allows users to connect with each other through common goals such as, completing a half marathon, completing a full marathon and triathlon training.

Kate is extremely proud that after last count, Operation MOVE members had logged over 1,000 minutes of training together. You can join Operation MOVE for free and even join the group on Strava to compete against and motivate other members.

You can read my guest post on Operation MOVE here.