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Why I Blog with Seamus from Dadinating

It’s been a while since I’ve been published a post in the “Why I Blog” series. For that I am sorry! Life has been extremely busy which has taken my focus away from my blog! But don’t fear, I’m back with Seamus from Dadinating. Seamus recently joined the ranks of the Aussie Daddy Blogger group and we couldn’t be happy to have him on board with us.

So without taking up too much more of your time, here is Seamus!

IMG_20131023_091242 edited I am a father of two, a teacher and an amateur tree changer. I’ve been married to The Mamanator (the love of my life) for nearly 4 years. We met at uni, took almost 8 years to find out we were in love, and now have a family together.
Our family moved out of Metropolitan Melbourne to Central Victoria in 2012, and we now live in sunny Guildford (a town of about 250 people, 15 minutes out of Castlemaine). My son (The Lad) is 2 years old, is a ranga and loves “Helicopters, swimming, flowers, rainbows, fire trucks, racing cars………”. The list goes on and on. Let’s just say he loves life. My daughter (The Lass) is 4 months old, born with a full head of dark hair and piercing grey eyes. She likes to poke her tongue out.

Seamus, how long have you been blogging?

Australia Day is actually my Blog’s birthday. It turns (or turned depending on when you post this) one this year! (Cue birthday music)

How did you learn to blog and why did you start your blog?

I have been writing stuff online for a while, I even kept a personal blog going for years via a service called “Livejournal” (which still exists by the way). Back then the blog was purely a journal, recording thoughts and events in my life.

I started “The Dadinator” because on becoming a parent I had thought after thought firing around inside my skull about raising and caring for my children, and I wanted to record them somehow. Blogging helped me to make sense of these thoughts by putting them into words. It also let me share them with other people, to show that we are all sometimes tired, impatient, unsure, insecure and emotionally vulnerable as parents – and that we can and do get through it.

Have you learnt anything specific from blogging?

As you would expect, it’s helped me hone my writing a lot. I’ve also learnt a great deal about parenting while doing research for blog posts, whether about pregnancy symptoms, child safety or simply reading about other people’s experiences of fatherhood and parenthood.

List 2 benefits you can see from starting a blog?

It gives you an opportunity to think and reflect on yourself, whatever the topic of your blog; parenting, health, fashion, music a particular hobby etc…. Writing stuff down makes you turn it over in your mind and it makes you spell out your thoughts and feelings. So it helps you clarify issues for yourself. It also encourages you to read more widely on topics/issues you might want to write about, opening your mind a bit.

You also have a chance to connect with other blogs and bloggers out there – which has a stack of different benefits range. It can act as an online support group, give you a sounding board for your own thoughts, help you write better material etc. I have split my sides laughing and come close to tears reading some of the stuff out there, and I’ve learnt a great deal too.

Do you have any specific tools that you use for blogging? i.e. plugins, evernote?

I use an app called Bloglovin to keep track of other blogs out there, as well as pinterest. I also use Google keep and Google drive for writing and saving links or little tidbits of information.

On the blog (which is wordpress based) I use a range of plugins. The most important are Jetpack (which is essential if you’re self-hosting wordpress), Disqus (better than the default commenting system in my view) and shareaholic (because the sharing buttons look cool, that’s the only reason).

Where can readers find you blog and how can they get in contact with you?

My blog can be found at www.dadinating.com. I also have a facebook page (www.facebook.com/thedadinator) and can be found on twitter (www.twitter.com/dadinating). If you wish to contact me directly, email me admin@dadinating.com

Why I Blog with Jim from busydadblog.com

Why I Blog continues this week with Jim from Busy Dad Blog. Jim has been blogging for over five years and is one of the most experienced Dad Bloggers kicking around the internet. Let’s get going with the interview, but first, a little about Jim.

Jim Lin is a digital strategist by day and a dad blogger by whenever-he-finds-the-time. To the outside world, his blog is a repository of lighthearted parenting adventures; to Jim, it is a roadmap that helps him piece together where he’s been the past few days, when he suddenly wakes up drooling and disoriented in the office. He enjoys parenting, Scotch and training Muay Thai, all of which explain the above.

Jim, how long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging 5 and a half years. Like Yoda in internet years, equivalent that is.

How did you learn to blog and why did you start your blog?

I started my blog because I had a 4 hour round trip train commute to and from work. I tend to fall asleep when I read, which isn’t the best state of being when you’re riding the LA Metro, so I blogged to stay awake and alive. I chose to blog about my adventures as a dad because social media didn’t really exist back then and I needed an outlet to share 500,000 pictures of my kid and me building Legos. Prior to starting my blog, I had never read one, so I really learned by doing. When your only reader is your mom, anything you put out there about her cute grandson will of course be awesome.

Have you learnt anything specific from blogging?

I’ve learned that the internet is at once wonderful and horrible, so it’s best to stay open to opportunities but grow a thick skin. Remember folks, when you close that laptop, the internet stops existing. That’s the best part about it.

List 2 benefits you can see from starting a blog?

1) Connections: the best thing about the internet is that you can find all kinds of people on it (in fact, I met my girlfriend because of blogging – that’s kind of like the mother of all connections). I was the only guy in my social group with kids, so I didn’t have a peer network of people who could relate to that part of my life. Blogging enabled me to meet other folks who could relate to the day to day challenges, chuckles and triumphs that can only be had when you are physically, fiscally and emotionally responsible for other miniature human beings.

2) Voice: When you make connections, you find your voice. Having a voice and being able to “field test” it with an audience is one of the most satisfying things in the world. Face it, we ALL want to be heard. Having a blog gave me an avenue through which to achieve that. Of course there’s social media now, so you kids have it easy.

Do you have any specific tools that you use for blogging? i.e. plugins, evernote?

None whatsoever. I’m a very freestyle (read: lazy) blogger. I write what I feel like, when I feel like it… unless it’s part of a sponsored campaign or series, in which case I do some of my best and most timely work (hey, it’s beer money and I take it dead serious).  I use Evernote to organize absolutely everything in my life, but I actually use it very little for blogging.

Where can readers find you blog and how can they get in contact with you?

My blog is at: www.BusyDadBlog.com, you can email me at jim@busydadblog.com, and I’m most accessible via tweet at @busydadblog